Monday, January 30, 2017

I didn't write a general letter...

So this week lucia our investigator called us and was like sooo where are you gusy and why havent you visited me haha we were like sorry! haha and then she said she was coming to church but she coulded casue she was in the hosptal! so we were like oh no! haha so we are gonna try to visit her ths week for sure. haha 

Im allowed to email this late hermana wilson said it was fin haha! }

So today at the temple they had me clean the celestal room and the sealing roooms and i got so many comments like youll be here soon! haha! i was like oh my gosh! haha but ya 
My comp is doing a countdown till i go home hahah its now at 36 days..... it hasnt hit me yet haha! it feels unreal. haha shes more trunky than i am.... we planned her wedding and evertthing haha! i was like wait souldnt i be doing this haha but i was like i got nothing haha! i guess ill just pinterest when i get back haha! shes been trying to make me trunky so bad. 
oh and i can cook now withhout a receipe and its like actually good haha) and presidente and hermana were like oh sounds like you are ready for marriage! I was like  nooooo and pres looked at me like oh we are gonna talk about it when you are in the last interview.... i was like noooooo hahah!

Love you lots!

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