Monday, October 26, 2015

Paraguay! Semana 7

Wow! Im here! This is seriously so crazy! I was so sad to leave the CCM! 
Well we got here to Paraguay and it was so hot! haha! It reminded me of Arizona so much! just think AZ heat and humidity like you would in the rain forest! YUP! But i wasnt complaining about it too bad haha! There were 4 Latina hermanas with us and they were complaining about how hot it was haha! I was kinda used to it cause of AZ haha! ANywho! The President and Hermana Wilson are super nice! I love them so much! Suprisingly in the interview with the President I understood everything beside one thing! I was very impressed with my spanish knowledge hahaha! Anyways they fed us this HUGE Alumerzo and it was so good! for the first day we were with the APs and the oficina missionaries and the President and Hermana Wilson. Only 2 were american so all of us english speakers got to talk to them and ask what we were going to expect. After that they let the hermanas sleep for 3 HOURS!!! It was amazing especially because we had been up since 3 that morning! Then after cena they took the hermanas to the hotel for the night! 
The next day we got our trainers. My trainer is Hermana Cowley. She is from Pleasent Grove Utah and is super nice. She has only been in Paraguay for 7 months. My area is Villa Anita. Its about 1 hour south from  the mission home. They put us all in taxis and we all went our seperate ways. So that was sad. 

But here the ward is very nice. There is 100 members technically but there is only 30 who come to church so ya. In our ward, we share it with the district leader and his companion. 

There really hasnt been much going on because my toe has gotten worse so we went to the hospital and the doctor thinks its sprained (Which we told hermana Wilson and she thinks its broken becasue its been almost 3 week and it still hurts.) Anyways i have an appointment on friday to see if it has gotten better. 

ANYWAYS! Paraguay is pretty different and i mean REALLY different from the US and Argentina. Kinda have culture shock. haha! OH and there is a ton of jungle! Its crazy!!!!!!


Love you all lots!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Breon

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