Thursday, October 8, 2015

Living the dream... and breaking bones in the process..... Semana 4

So this week was a wierd week....
As you read in the heading, i think i broke my toe.... It hurts like crazy, bump in a wierd place where there is not supposed to be a bump.... so i dont know how im gonna do proseletismo.... PERO Toda Bien!! haha I was playing soccor before i wrote just now and i kicked my DLs foot and he was kicking at the same time and i ended up with a broken toe.... so im icing it and so ya!! hahaha 

This last weekend was conference and it was awesome! we watched it in english and we were all spiritually lifted! haha! We are so sad about President Monson! We love him so much! Him stuggling was killing us! we talked about it after ad were saying that we were all at on the edge of our seats wanting to jump through the TV and help him! Well it was a really good talk!

The rest of the conference was really good! We like want all the talks now! 

The other part of the week was kinda hard! for the first time (in one of the teaching parts of class where we go and teach the teachers who act like they are people from their missions), I was just not feeling the spirit! It was so frusterating!  Well I was talking to my DL and my teacher and she told me a cool way how to study and the next time i went in i was on FIRE! It was a pretty good lesson!

Anywho!.... My companions are awesome and we are doing good here! We just got two new roommates! They are both Latina so we will now be speaking alot more spanish! Yesterday I said a word that i thought was spanish and it wasnt.... My teacher was like thats portugese... sooooooo ya.... learning a little bit of portugese and alot of spanish!


OH! the power went out 5 times the other night! ITs a common occurance here i guess! Its happened before but before it was daytime.... this time it was night.... little scarier! haha!
Oh well! livin the dream in Argentina! 
We didnt have proseletismo this week because of conference... so i dont have fun stories... 

OH! before i forget! there is a teacher here who went to paraguay and he said to expect diahreah for the first month! so im looking forward to that! haha!!

I got a spider bite when i was sleeping on saturday night! Its all good! And today broke my toe! haha so Hma wilis after today told my companions that they need ot watch me closely! and i agree! im a walking mess hahaha 

 I have officially 1 week from tuesday is when im gonna leave to go to my mission!

Love you guys! 

Hermana Breon

I drew my district! (its for you mom!) haha! they all picked what they wanted in their picture haha!

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