Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm here!!!!! (Her first day in Paraguay!)

Im here! Its so humid and hot! haha! The moment we walked out of the plane there was mosquitos! haha! Its way different here but i think im gonna love it! My visa picture is way funny! They got me looking crazy! I showed president and the American Elders and they laughed! Its that funny! Its crazy how green it is here! It looks like im in the jungle! haha! The Paraguay Flag is everywhere and it is super cool! haha! The other Hermanas that are with me think that its so hot! haha! They are from cooler places! haha! Its kinda like Arizona except with humidity. haha! right now its 100 degrees outside! woo! haha! I think im gonna get super tan! haha! Love the Mission President and his wife! They are so nice! I cant wait to understand everything they are saying! haha! 
Im safe! and hot! haha! Love you Mucho!!!


Ps ... its way cool here! haha Me and the other hermana were just looking out the window the whole way here! The ELders are already sweating haha! 


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