Monday, November 23, 2015

Semana 10: IM STAYING!!!!!

So alot has happened this week! So on tuesday we were at the district meeting when we got a call from Hermana Wilson asking if we were at our apartment. We said we werent and they said that they would come by. Well they never did! We were both freaking out because we totally thought that I was going home! So the next day we got a call from the President ( which we had never had before) and he asked if we were going to be arround that day because he was going to bring by another bunk bed. We asked why and he said that they were gonna give us 2 local missionaries to help us out till my toe heals. SO! he and his daughter came and helped set up the bed and on friday they came! They are super nice! So what me and one of the hermanas do is look in the area book and plan out the day for hermana cowley and her companion for the day and then we switch companions the next day! so i have been talking spanish ALOT! haha! one of them wants to learn english so i have been helping her learn english and she is helpng me with spanish! Just yesterday Hermana Cowley said that my spanish has inproved a ton! like im starting to talk like the locals haha! im now teaching her how to pronounce words haha!
Oh and im officially not in training right now.... im training! ya..... im traingin the new local missionaries. So technically im now a trainer too... till my toe is healed and then im in training again. So ya thats what the president said! haha! He was like you are now a trainer. you need ot train these new hermanas..... ya.... only after 5 weeks! CRAZY!!!!! 

Anyways ive just been in the house studying and organizing the carpeta de area all week!

Funny thing.... So today when we were on the colectivo (bus) to go to the store, there were these two men singing. one was rapping and the other was playing the guitar. The guy that was rapping was singing about me and my companions... not anything bad just like 'hey theres that girl with the crutches' blah blah blah haha! So now i can say i had part of a spanish rap song sung about me! haha! In paraguay! haha!

ya so for right now President came and got my x ray  and is going to give it to another doctor to look at it because hes not happy with how this doctor is handling things.. i still have a tounge presser as a splint and so President said he is going to try and find me a boot but those are difficult to find in south america and ver expensive! so were the multeas! anyways.... when he came he said that he just knew that i didnt want to go home and so he is doing the local missionaries thing. which is like unheard of. normally i would definately be sent home for this and he said that too. So ya im very happpy! ive litterally been sitting on my butt all day!!! so impretty sure that my weight that ive lost is coming back! Its totally freaky because one of the hermanas acts and talks like tanya... even loves to cook like tanya.... its freaking me out a little.

Anyways... have fun! Super grateful i get to stay here! 

Love you guys!!!

Hermana Breon 

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