Monday, November 16, 2015

Semana 9: Muletas not Maletas

So this week was a boring week.... ya i know.... how can you have those when you are on a mission? Well when you break your toe you can... haha! So this week we sat in the house all day almost every day.... ya.... 
BUT we went to a Zone Conference with like 7 Zones on tuesday so that was super fun! It was 7 hours long but they fed us LUNCH!!!!! So it made up for the long meeting haha but it was really good! After the meeting my toe was KILLING me so we decided to stay off of it on wednesday so it was a day full of studies! Yay! haha! 
On thursday we had a doctors apointment in Asuncion again. We went there and the doctor was like hey so you know how i said 4 weeks... ya.... its gonna be 8-12 weeks. I gave him this shocked look and he like looked at me and rolled his eyes and looked away.. he wanted to laugh! haha! That man is so funny! haha! Kinda weird but so funny! haha! when he called my name to go into his room he said... breon.. and then looked at me and i gave him this huge smile hahaha! He also prescribed me paciencia... ( i cant spell that word in english any more... haha!)  And i also got more tounge pressers for my toe hahah! I just love Paraguay! haha! SO YA! Came home and was really kinda dicouraged because our area is gonna die.... die meaning all of our investigators are gonna go away. BUT Something good happened yesterday! Hermana Arce (obospos esposa) told us that i can stay at her house and hermana cowley can take a member with her and go and teach people! SO my job will be to gain the trust of the members, learn spanish and she gets  to teach peple! WOOHOOO!!! im really sad i wont be teaching investigators but i get to practice witht the members! 

Anyways... I look back at my mission so far (9 weeks) and go wow this is a really different mission experience than most people haha! I told Hermana Cowley that these things happen to me all the time and welcome to the ride haha! She thought that was funny! haha! Well this week is my 5th week in paraguay! CRAZY RIGHT?!?!?!! haha

OH! and they rarely sell crutches (muletas) and so today the elders are bringing me my freshely carved wooden crutches!!! Ya! a carpenter that lives under the elders aparment said that he would make them this weeked! haha! 
It was funny... so we called Elder Dyer (our DL) and was like we need crutches. But the word crutches is similar to the word for suitcases. (Maletas) Entonces, he was like where are you guys going? hahaha! It was really funny haha 

Well love you guys all! 

Thats funny about the garage door opener... i had a feeliing last night to pray for you specifically... that you would be ok and that everyhting would work out.... weird... and i thought that was wierd buit i did it anyways.... ya... 

WEll SYD said that she didnt do good but im sure she did amazing based on wht you said and stuff! 

Pleese tell me news!!!! im dying here! im so glad that you did! I told dad about my toe so ask him... Its a strong possibility im going home.. but witht his presdient he doesnt send anybody home so who knows!!! haha! but my toe is getting really bad everyday which blows our minds becasue i am literaly sitting down all day! but today when we were walking to the ciber my toe is hurting super bad... so we are very concerned.  are you recording the hallmark stuff? haha! Im sure dad is dying haha! OH! did you send the package? :) haha! 

Love yiou guys alot! 

oh and on sunday i gave a talk... scary!! haha i think i did ok! the DL and hermana Cowley said i did good haha! It was on  mmissionary work and i planed it in 5 minutes.. in spanish! AHHH! ya hopefully everything was said good haha i went on the spirit and i dont even remember what i said haha! I tend to do that. The spirirt just throws these words into my mind i say them and then after go what did i say haha! elder Dyer heard me wisper that to hermana cowley and he laughed haha! But i did it!!!! ya!!! haha

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