Monday, November 2, 2015

Semana 8: It's Allll Good!!!

So this week was so much better! Im starting to get used to paraguay and im doing good!

We are having a really hard time in this area. My trainer had a companion before who was really sick so they were in their apt most of the time so we really have nobody to teach... Kind of like we are white washing the area. So its was really hard. We have (had)1 investigator and she was relly interested in the church but then has not gone to church and is busy all the time and so we have not been able to meet with her at all. So we were super discourgged. But just on saturday we had a break through. There is this man who went up to the Elders who are in our area and asked if he could meet with them. Well fortunately (unfortunately for them) he lives in out area. But the only thing is is that he lives alone and we have to teach with another woman when we teach him. So we were begging the members and nobody could come. So we went to his house to tell him that we needed to set up a different time to come (and we explained what the rule was) and he was like thats ok! And then asked us a few questions. Hermana Cowley started to explain baptism and a little bit about the LDM and he was super interested! Like super! But while she was explained baptism and stuff I got this strong feeling to say something that she didnt mention. So i said it in perfect spanish(which me saying that right away is very weird) and he turned to me and said "SI!!" and said thats exactly what i believe in and then ran inside to grab his LDM. After when we left, I felt like a missionary! I havent felt that in a long time... ok since the CCM. I feel like he is so ready! YAY!!! 
BUT it didnt count as a lesson cause we didnt have a woman and we didnt pray so ya.... BUT IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!! 

WE also had a hallowwen party at the ward which was funny. They went aall out for it! They dont have anything like halloween here so they did what they saw on the internet and we made it fun! They carved watermellon and instead of dougnuts on a string it was pinnaple! haha! It was awesome! 


Love you guys lots and hope everthing is awesome!

 Hermana Breon

Note to Mom: 
Everything is better I got an xray done and now we are going to see the results today. It doesnt look broken so who knows. the food is so bad here that everybdy has stomach problems which i now have but esta bien!!! 
OH! So i know you would love this. The Presidente and Hermana Wilson came to our aptment a few days ago to give us a paper for something. ANYWAYS they were saying that they have a friend in URguay that YOU contacted and were talking to and thier friend didnt know that they were mission president here and so they emailed them and asked. Pres and Hma were like ya how did you find out and they siad YOU told them. MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!!? they thought it was funny and kinda cool. So now they know what you look like and they said hugs and kisses from you. ya. 

I dont know for christmaas.. OH! pictures of my friends.... ummmm something American... and whatever you want! Oh! probably some viatimns. My favorite candy.. they dont have lots of candy here..... just halls throght drops. They eat them like candy here. 


LOve you lots!!!!!


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