Monday, November 9, 2015

Semana 8: Singing the Paraguay blues.... haha not really

¡HOLA Familia and Amigos!

Wow this week was very interesting.....
So last monday after i wrote my letter we went to the doctor to see about my toe..... well....its...... BROKEN!!!!!!! haha! ya the first broken bone i ever get in my life is on my mission... haha so for 4 weeks i cant walk anywhere without a crutch and thats if i absolutely have to walk. So we told the President and he said that they are gonna keep me in this area but we dont know how long that is gonna last because just to go to church its over a mile walk there and then a mile back. haha so ya... me and hermana Cowley think we are gonna be the first hermanas in the oficinas haha! but for right now we just are teaching 3 people... OH YA WE GOT 2 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOO! haha! They are super nice and are interested in the church so im pretty excited about them. :) We still are teaching that guy but he lives super far away and this week i got a really bad head cold. So we had to cancel his appointment because i felt like death haha but now im totally fine! We actuallly use my toe more than we shoudl cause i go crazy and we leave and walk kinda alot... Well its Paraguay.... you have to walk everywhere. anyways... I fell bad for my companion becasue she has to plan around my toe... ya..
Well this week we had intercambios with the hermana leaders. So they came to my apartment and i was supposed to go woth one and my companion was going to stay in our area and lead the hermana around to meet with people. Well they came and found out about my toe so i ended up staying in my apt for 8 hours and an hermana leader stayed with me. So i got to practice my spanish for 8 hours! haha!
Yesterday we went to the bishops house for lunch and the bishop and his wife were tasing me about my spanish. I dont really talk as much because i feel like i cant really contribute to the conversation haha. Well Hma Arce turned to me and said tell me something except she used some words i didnt know haha So it was kinda funny! haha The ward is so nice haha! Im known now in the ward as the smily missionary haha. They told hma Cowley when i was stuck in the apt, that they were asking why i smile so much hahha! 
OH before i forget! We had to go to the oficinas for fingerprinting for our visas for paraguay. Well when i got there the whole group that i came with was there! They were like HERMANA BREON!!!!!! haha! I miss them sometimes! haha it was cool to see them! I actually get to see them tomorrow becasue we have a huge multi zone zone conference! haha

Well im loven Paraguay!

Love you guys mucho!

Hermana Breon

Extra News!!
Im going to go crazy having to be in thhe apt for 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NUTS!!!!!!!!! we are pretty sure that the president is gonna visit our apt again. ya... hes concerned about my toe and making sure it heals fast. But since that takes up a ton of my traineing time it kinda stinks... so ya i have lost 16 lbs!!!! the wife of the bishop... hma Arce... told me yesterday that i looked like i lost alot of weight already! haha she was like ella esta muy flaca! Que pasa?! haha! i was like really? thank you! hahah! We just weighed ourselves and i am at 179 when i left i was 195! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! hahah! i didnt have much time to wirte nana and i will now haha 

hey im good with anything american! (For Christmas.) hma cowley said her favorite candy is milk duds haha! I just want pics of friendss and more of family... another photo album....and american candy!!! my favorite ;) haha! i wish you could send cheese but oh well... OH GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! they sell smarties.. you know the british candy that is like larger m n ms?! YA!!!! _AMAZIGN!!! my favorite soda here is the paso de torres! AMAZING its like squirt except WAY better! haha! 


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