Monday, November 30, 2015

Semana 11: Bambi is in Paraguay...well was...

So to start off my spanish is a TON better! WOOHOO!!!!! Ive been speaking spanish all the time in my apartment and its like gotten a million times better!!

So this week we had verificaciones where we go and the new missionaries and the trainers go and take a test to see if we are being trained right and if we have any problems with our trainers. I of course didnt have any because Hermana Cowley is awesome! haha! Anyways the president said that anywhere we go we have to take a taxi which is kinda of expensive but anyways we called our go to taxi man , José, and he drove us to Asunción! When we go to the office and the elders that were in my group from the CCM were there! i got out of the car and José grabbed my crutches and the elders were like what happened? haha! So  told them what was going on and they were like what? haha! Ya... anyways, we were walking to the cultural hall in the capilla and my wooden crtuches slipped! haha! they used to have rubber on the bottom but they came off when ive been going to different places like the capolla and stuff. Anyways durring the meeting, one of the hermanas from a different area turned to me and was like we have actual crutches in our apaqrtment! do you want them? I was like YES! haha! so as we were walking out of the capolla after the meeting president Wilson was walking in front of me and then turned around to say something and right then both of my crutches slipped out from under me and i almost fell haha! He was like Woah! you need new ones! haha! we had to wait in the offices for the taxi they called for us and as we were all sitting there, Hermana Wilson was sitting in front of us and President was off to the side. I was like i need ot make a joke cause this is so funny how my crutches keep slipping. And then right there i was like... Im Bambi! haha So I turned to Hermana Wilson and said ¿Usted sabe Bambi? she was like Sí. And i said Yo siento como Bambi. President and Hermana Wilson were laughing fo a while over that haha! 
Anyways! I now have brand new (not really) crutches!!!!! haha!

So there really wasnt much else this week but i hope there will be more and that i can speak PERFECT spanish this week! (probably not but hey i keep praying!) haha!
Anyways ya things are boring here.... but i will take pics because on wednesday we have transfers so there will be pics of my district! and my companions tambien. my spanish is really good... not perfect but ya! I can now mostly understand what the president says and so thats good now! haha! Hermana Cowley said that she thinks they are really impressed with me. they didnt say that but thats tthe vibe shes been getting! haha!
Funny thing... so when we go grocery shopping taylor swifts bad blood song comes on and i have to resist dancing and singing... haha!
I told sierra Bell about my toe and she laughed and was like ya i left my bella-like qualities at home and you brought them to paraguay! haha! ya i know.... haha
It was raining all weekend.. im in an area where it doesnt flood.... 
There is a dog that lives accross the street and i have named him charlie.... haha! hes funny to watch... ya i know
I made the peach cobbler and EVERYBODY loved it! haha! 
Oh and keep sending me news! Hermana Cowley and me LOVE IT!!!! we crave it! haha!
oh and i showed my companions the way of the "poor mans pizza"... its a hit!...we eat it every week here! haha! except we make it into a sandwich por que our oven burns it everytime haha! anyways.. yup! LOVE YOU!!! oh and in the next pacakge.. i need more cotton socks for flats... like with the rubber on the back and in black and skin color! 

Love you guys!!!!!
Hermana Breon :)

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