Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Semana of awesome

So this week was alot better for me emotionally... I'm not sulking over my toe! We worked a ton and like I know this is probably not good, but it still hurts, but I talked to my leaders and they are like take breaks! So we will be taking breaks more now. Cause I was walking a lot from Wed to yesterday. I think I'll be ok. The hermana leaders came today and studied with us and they brought up the toe and they were like its ok if you don't work a lot right now. Just get it completely better and then you can work a ton. They said like its only the beginning of my mission and that I shouldn't kill myself off in the beginning. So I'm ok now. I was having a hard week last week. Hermana Stewart and I are like friends and she is totally fine with taking the breaks. I'm just stubborn. I didn't tell her that it hurt and yesterday she was like wow you're a lot better and I was like ummm i just didnt tell you. It is getting better. I think that I just need to take it easy more and ya. Really I'm just scared that I'm gonna get lazy and like just not work and make the excuse of my toe hurts and ya... Really I don't know what constitutes a bad pain or that my toe is just sore cause I haven't walked on it for a while and I broke it again. I don't know and ultimtely it's  me that decides if we stop or keep going. So ya... Its just like I don't know... and the pain is hard to explain (worse in spanish) haha So ya... for right now I'm choosing to be happy and just like let God be the judge. But ya... this week or next we have another doc apointment so we will see if its better or if I have a stress fracture or whatever. So this week we were working a ton! We lost basically all of our investigators... so that was sad... but we were like ok! We will visit like all of the menos activos and conversos recientes. So we got a good bunch of them this week. We have this area in our area that like nobody has really worked in very much. Its like campo. YAY!!!! So me and hermana Stewart like walked over there and we talked to a ton of people! They all haven't really heard about the church and stuff. So we made a ton of contacts. Hermana Stewart was like ummm its called candyland hahahaha! So we call it candyland or tierra de dulces! hahaha! Anyways we are pretty excited about this area. 
But the good thing is is that we are contacting a ton in our area. We are wrking in this new area in our area that is sooooooo cooooollllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like campo ite! (ite is pronounced eeeeetayyyy) haha! (guarani i think) haha! anyways its way cool! We want to take some pics there so we will and I'll send it next week. 

This week there were like a ton of trucks spraying mosquito repellant everywhere on the streets. I guess dengue has gotten pretty bad. But I use Bug repellant!!! yay!!
Ya they were spraying for mosquitos a fool! this week! it was crazy! We were like walking through the streets and were like ummmm is this safe to breath? haah So we covered our faces and walked quick. So ya... Dengue is bad here! I got 3 mosquito bites,  but I didn't get sick so ya! haha! I use a nasty sweat rag now... its gross.... haha..... but necessary haha! 

Oh so a funny story...

So the power went out at our house because we had this big storm...(always happens) so we decided that it was a perfect time to clean the freezer and defrost it. Well I was using a knife (don't do that) and I punctured it and it died. haha like the whole fridge... so we get it tomorrow again because its at the shop. haha! Hermana Stewart and I watched it go and we were like there goes our baby! hahaha

Oh and a good thing this Sunday was we got one of our old investigators to church! Well he just like showed up but ya!!! We were really happpy! He's like I love this! So ya.... We're pumped!

So that was the week!

Love you guys tons!

Oh and weird thing... I like go up to people and like talk... that's like never happened before.... haha

Hermana Breon :)

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