Monday, February 29, 2016


SOOOOO im in a new area! I was actually really shocked! We got transfers on monday one hour after i wrote home haha! But ya... so im sooooo far..... ok like 10 minutes... Im in Floresta which is in Villa Elisa! It literally is in the same stake haha! I told the ward and they were like oh we`ll see you! I was like no not all the time but they were super tranquilo about it haha! So ya! Its been a pretty successful week ! We have visited 21 Converso recientes and menosactivos this week! Thats like a record for me! haha! SO we think we are pretty awesome haha!

OH! my new companion is hermana Salgado. She is from Chicago, IL and already speaks spanish cause her parents are from mexico. So ya its been pretty fun. Our ward is a "chuchi" ward. We have a capilla and im liking it so far. haha

But ya its kinda like Villa Anita where we dont have progressing investigators but thats ok im used to that haha! So we are doing contacting a ton haha! 

We found this lady and she was super like interested and wanted us to pass for hre yesterday for church so we looked and looked and couldnt find her!!!!! grrrr..... so ya we are gonna keep looking!

But ya! I hope that you guys have an awesome week! 

BTWs this cambio is only 5 weeks! Ya short! 

Love ya lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
Yup i got transfered and i was going to telkl you but we didnt get the call till later. And it was only gonna be on monday this time so the next nobody will hear untill the next week. But im in the same stake so i see all my district all the time haha but im in a different zone. im in zona 4. So ya... its been fun so far. Its funny i have a companion who had a hard time on her mission too. Its funny how i keep being put with missionaries like this. I think that i need this. Like somebody to relate to. We were talking yesterday and we have had a similar experiences and stuff. I know why shes my companion. I dont know what is gonna happen after these next 5 weeks but we will see. I dont konw if im gonna stay or the area having a white whash. But ya. She speaks perfect spanish and english haha 

Oh so funny thing is is that im in a new ward right? and they had an activity and now word has spread that i have relly good spanish haha! I didnt think i did and im not saying its perfect but ya! And i live with the hermana liders too and one of them is from guatamala and she was like you have REALLY good spanish and the accent is good too. Everybody is shocked that its like this and i only have 5 months. So ojala i have a perfect accent when i get back haha! 

Well i know im going to have experiences like that but i havent had a chance to really work alot til this cambio. There is little milagros everyday. Im realizing that so far my mission has been to strengthen me and help me to rely on God nand stuff. Like its wierd. You go on a mission to help others but in the process you learn alot about yourself. And i think ive been having this wierd mission to help me in someway. I dont know why about everything but ya its wierd.
I cant believe its almost fall here! Its crazy! I MADE IT THROUGH THE SUMMER!!!!!!! haha! I can say that ive lived through the first.. now i have one more to go haha! and guess what? In Marzo i will have 6 months on the mish! WHAT?!?!!??! Ya its crazy haha
Anyways love you lots!

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