Tuesday, February 9, 2016

HOLA (2-8-2016)

Sorry i dont have much time cause the computer was slow, but I just wanted to say that everything here is awesome!!!! We are tracting a ton and trying to spread the gospel!! 

LOVE paraguay and LOVE you guys!!!

To Mom:

Ya I read Bednars talk. I remember watching that talk at BYUI... haha.. I watched the broadcast haha.Ya... I'm trying to avoid the diseases... haha... There's Dengue afool here! People all talk about it. So this week I was sick and then my toe hurt and ya... but I started to work again on Friday. We had intercambios and I went to the hermana leaders area and one of them came to mine to be with Hermana Stewart in our area. After intercambios I felt rejuvenated! I feel like we can do awesome things in our area! I think we can have a baptism too... I dont know for sure, but I "gots" the "fe"! haha! So ya it was pretty good this week. Hermana Stewart feels a little desanimada sobre esta area pero ella esta bien. Yesterday, we had to have a talk. 

We haven't worked too much in candyland, but we found this family! Well they live on the elders side, but we found them! And you want to know what is funny?  Well first they are menos activos and second the husband is the paraguayan version of..... MIKE!!!! UNCLE MIKE! It was freaking me out!! haha! He dresses like him and acts like him.... it was so wierd.. Unfortunately we can't teach them, because they are not in our area, but they like wanted us to come back and stuff so we told them that we couldn't, but the elders would. But ya... It was so wierd.

Well I think I'm speaking the language well and then somebody goes what did she say and then looks at my companion and talks about me and I understand everything that they are saying! And then I try to, but then they are like ummm ya, I dont want to talk to you. I had that yesterday. And I understand more than my companion! So ya.... haha... but when we had intercambios, the hermana leader I was with was like you are an awesome missionary! You have all of the aspects that all the missionaries want in the mission! You just have to work on your Spanish and you will baptize a ton! She was like I learned a ton from you! You are in this mission for a reason! You were meant to be a missionary! haha! That made me feel good. That isn't the first time I've heard that. She was like I can tell you know what to say and what they need to hear,  but sometimes you just dont know how to say it in Spanish. So I'm gonna be working on my Spanish more. And what's funny is that when I look at how much I've actually studied Spanish, it is like nothing. I pick it up really fast.  So I think I can do it with more studying. She was like you have the vocab, you just need to work on the conjugations. so ya...

What's different about the culture?.....
Umm I don't know.. a ton... I've kind of forgotten American culture... I Honestly don't  remember! haha. I almost have been out for 5 months now. On the 10th I'll have 5 months in the mission and its FLOWN BY! I can't believe it! Cambios are on the 24th! Its crazy! I feel like i just started this cambio! 

My toe is actually a TON better. Its wierd it like just stopped.... like every once in a while it'll start to hurt,  but only a little! But ya! I'm happy now! I was only joking about bipolar. haha!

Well bueno...

Love ya Mucho!


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