Monday, February 15, 2016

Another one bites the dust.... Semana....

haha! HOLA!!! 

This week was AWESOME!!!! So we had two investigators that we were teaching and then dropped because they were not progressing at all, but they are still interested! So we are teaching them again. Then we had like 2 more investigators pop out of nowhere and they are awesome! The only thing is.... they didnt come to church.... GAHHH!! ya... its super frustrating... JUST COME TO CHURCH! (Anybody know where that is from? District 2) but ya so we are gonna be working with them again. We have Dismar and she is like super interested. So we put her with a date for baptism and she was like ya!!! And we were like... ok... you need to go to church this Sunday so we won't have to move your fecha. Well guess what.. ready... she didnt come! ahhhhhh!!! So ya we are a little upset about that but ya.... 
We then have this investigator José Luis and he was talking to us for a long time. He wants to be a bishop and wants to marry a girl like us (that was a little awkward.... till he explained not us just a girl like us... like in the gospel...haha) but we think he´s in for the fame... so we need to explain more things to him.. haha... but ya... we are trying to find more people. 
Yesterday i was a little disappointed with none of our investigators showing up, but thats OK! We still have this week! 
This week is the last week of the transfer.... so we will see after this week where I go... if I stay or go... ahhhhh!!!! I'm like just starting to love this area and stuff... who knows! 

Woooooooeeee! Its been so hot here! Its like 100 degrees with 100% humidity! CRAZY!!!! But ya... The people say it should cool down soon! Ojala!
And another thing... I forgot what the US is like.....
So ya that was my week! 

Love you guys!!!

Hermana Breon

So pics... 
That's my new comp! Hermana Stewart! The zone did pics for the comps and they picked us as Elsa and Ana haha Guess who was which?
I straightened my hair! But then got SUPER frizzy and curly when I left haha but it looked good at the time....
We're crazy haha!!
Mom... with the pics... I forget my camera and I don't really have lots of new pics.... Ya this week I got like super dizzy and stuff but I'm good now.. I think...  the ward is wanting to leave with us on citas now so that's awesome! I sweat drops of sweat and it's super gross... but ya... I bring a sweat rag around and like wipe the sweat..... ewwwww! haha but ya.. people think we are crazy! They are like ummm that's not good and we are like its fine! Haha.  We don't eat dinner here.. We eat a huge lunch... so ya not much but we are good. We eat 3 times a week with members and that's good enough for me haha! Food is good here. They eat a TON of oil and oil and oil and oil and sugar,  but other than that its good! One of the members in the ward this week was like hey! You know why your so beautiful now! And I was like why and she was like cuz you're losing weight and are so skinny! hahaha! I dont think so.... I feel pretty the same, but ya... so that was nice of her to say! 
We had interviews this week and Presidente was super happy to see me and stuff! I talked to him and Hermana Wilson a ton haha! My comp was like, ummm, you like know them really well! haha. I was like ummm not really,  but ya.. haha. But ya, so really my toe is a ton better. I have another doc apointment this week in Asunción  and ya... we'll see how it goes! It should be fine! 

Send american chocolate! I'm dying here! haha! Like its good here but ya.. I want choolate from home haha! 

Its funny.... I keep getting put with comps who freak out over the details and I have to be like its ok! Like this week we started out having the hardest time with teaching and stuff. But there was this one time where Hermana Stewart was like, idk! I'm a horrible missionary and blah blah blah. I was like ok.. lets stop and pray so we did and I felt awesome and stuff, but she didn't. So we have been ok now.. but ya... it was a little difficult. We are finally sharing the lesson too. For a while it was all her and not me talking so I was like I need to teach too so we have been sharing the lesson better. This week on Wednesday I was feeling a little down.I Don't   know why,  but I was. The Hermana leaders came to study with us again and Hermana Jarmen was like you know! Hermana Breon you have the gift of observing and listening to the spirit and following it when you teach. I was like that's what I needed! I was feeling like I wasn't good cause I wasn't teaching because Hermana Stewart was doing all the teaching. So now she gives me opportunity to teach now. So ya.. But its been good. I just get comps who get super stressed out. haha its weird...  

But ya.. I seem to just be getting sick more often then ever in my life! Its so weird.... like not sick, sick but like headaches and dizzy and ya... its weird... but oh well... I'm drinking a ton of water! 

But ya thats my week!

Ya I can't believe its been 5 months!Its seriously flown by! I'm freaking out a bit!  I'm like ahh! I don't have any baptisms and stuff!!! oh well 

Well love ya mucho! 

Oh here is  a torta we make... pudding and cookeis.... sooooooo good! 
Im almost done with LDM!!!! WHOOO HOOO! haha Ya i read that this week.
And all in Spanish! haha Hermana Stewart was like you understand spanish more than me! Its weird like after lessons I'm like ok, so they said this and this...and she is like, really? haha I'm like ya.... its weird i can understand it and teach leciones, but not like have a friendly conversation haha... well I can, but its broken haha! 
My current District!
My desk!
Love you!!!

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