Tuesday, February 23, 2016


SO this week was awesome again! I'm just loving working and stuff! haha! We have our 3 investigators who we are teaching... none came to church...( but thats ok! We´ll get them next week! haha! 

So this week was fun! We kinda smelled because we didn't have shower water for 2 days haha. Thankfully we had drinking water so we weren't gonna die haha!  But ya it was an experience haha! Other people in a differeent city hadn't had water for 8 days, but we were ok! Livin en Paraguay! haha!

SO we explored our area more and we found like a campo-ité area! Ya we're pumped! haha! So we talked to our investigator José this week and he seems like he's pretty excited about the church and stuff. haha.  So I'm hoping that I stay here and he gets baptized haha. 

Oh another thing...so we have Cambios TOMORROW! Me and Hermana S are kinda freaking out about that. I don't know if I'm staying or going, but we find out today! So ya...

Since my comp is skinny and  people are now like umm your fat. I'm like thanks. haha! Latino culture for you! haha I knew it going in, but Hermana S is like shocked! She's like umm that's not nice. You're not fat. haha Whatever! I'm actually losing weight little by little. So you know that blue dress that I got and it was kinda like perfect to my body and I was concerned that I would get bigger and it wouldnt fit. Well now its like loose on me haha. I'm like whoa... haha! 

With me and Hermana S, sometimes I'm like observant... ok like all the time and like shes not too much when we are in the streets. SO sometimes I'm like lets go this way or I walk a little faster, because I feel like we should and she's like looking around and not paying attention. But ya.. I think that I have a problem with being too observant... idk... but ya its kinda like a problem in our companierismo, but we are good. haha. The mission makes you think about alot of things that you need to change, but then you like teach and see people start to change and it makes it all worth it. haha 

But ya, just livin the mish life in Villa Anita!

Well love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon 

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