Monday, May 2, 2016

HOOOLAAAA!!! Especial Cambios this week.... que loco

SOoo this week was pretty crazy. So I have a nasty wart in my foot and can't walk at all, so this week we had special cambios so that I could help another Hermana in the mission! So her name was Hermana Huicho and she is from Mexico!!!! haha! She has dengue so my comp went to her area and I got to help her till today... that's why I'm writing so late haha!  so ya! Her area was more campo than mine, so it was cool going there to drop her off! She is so awesome! I want her as my comp someday! I love that girl! But I have my comp back too! So I have mixed feelings.... sad cause I want my comp, but sad cause Hermana Huicho was so cool! haha! Anyway it turns out that we had the same comp too, Hermana Banda!!! haha! 

SO ya this week I just worked on the spanish and helped somebody else out for a change! I loved it haha! I told Presidente that I can help sombody out anyday haha! 

SO cool experience time.... So today we were on a collectivo (bus) going home and we were standing by this lady and she asked who we are and stuff and so we started to talk to her and she said that missionaries pass the house all the time, but she never let's them in, but after talking to us she wants to find out more! At that moment it made me realize that being on a mission is AWESOME! and that sharing the gospel makes you happy and others happy! and I realized that I could understand spanish better than I think and that there are people out there just waiting to hear! 


Love you guys lots!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
We had interviews with Pres this week and he was talking about the atonement and my relation with Jesus Christ and I like realized that I need a stronger one haha but ya... definately made me think haha. He was like, the atonement is there for all the trials that you are gonna go through and stuff and he was like, you have had many trials in your mission and I was like YA! haha! He was like God is trying to make you better and you are gonna do great things after this. and I was like I hope so! hahahhhah! nah! But it was a good interview for sure haha  but I was soooo happpy that I could help sombody else with a physical thing! haha President was like now you can help somebody else and I was like yes andI'm  sooo happy! haha It felt good to do that while I'm going through my own problems haha! AND I made a friend! haha! 
WOW!!! the ward sounds soooo wierd.... I mean small. haha I hope that when I come home that the others from the other coronado wards can be there! they're my friends! haha! I have something to tell you about the foot,  but I'll wait to say it to you... don't worry its nothing major haha so ya. 

Love you lots!!


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