Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wooohooo another week in house and it was fun

So this week i was in house again haha So we went alittle crazy on saturday but we went to church on sunday and now we are out again haha so were ok now haah but this week my comp found out that she has a medical problem so weve been dealing with the emotions that come from that... i totally get it haha so ive been here to help her out alot. And so this week we made chinese food and didd green face masks that kinda came out scary haha we also burned matches for fun haha 

So its been sooo cold here! im like what! its paraguay! hhaha so weve been chillin in tights and drinking cocido... which im like totally addicted to... and ya haha that was the week hahah ojala i get to work this week!!!! The doc said one month but im gonna try this week... just alittle.... hhaha

Anyways love you guys!!!

Hermana Breon
To mom:
ya syd sent me the pic haha! thats awesome! She like doesnt even need to go up to colledgeª! shes like basically got a job! hhaha maybe a few art classes but thats it! hahh its really good! you know what she said to me in my emial... shes like i dont like doing white people haha! i laughed haha

Yess im in house ALL THE TIME!!! IM GOING CRAZY!!!!!!! i like litterally have to stick my head out side and breath fresh aire becasue i just cant anymore hha the doctor first told me 2 weeks but then she said one month... so im gonna try to work a little bit on thursday.... i cant take it anymore hhahha 

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