Tuesday, May 10, 2016


So this week is cambios and my comp is leaving :( shes going away to a new area and i have a new comp that i dont know yet cause she hasn't called haha so ya!! 

I dont really have much to say cause i got sick and had to stay inside all this week haha so ya... but i hope that everyone had a good mothers day!!! 

Love you guys lots!!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:

So i dont know my new comps name casue she hasn't called so ill tell you next week.
About my foot. So we went to the doctors today and she said that i can get it burned off thursday and then i can walk after 2 weeks. but i have to not walk at all for 2 weeks. But ya! after that i should be good! Im not going home.

Anyways thats what happened today. So ya dont worry about me.

And i am praying (i said that) and im growing closer to christ. its a slow process....
Ill try to send home my list of things that i need.... i forgot it hahaha 

You want to know what was funny. so at the hospital there were germans and they were staring at me like crazy! hhaha they probably see the german in me haha 

I still dont know my comp..... well i have until 6 tonight so well see! i have to wait for the call from her so its kinda wierd haha! all i know is that im getting a new one.... i wonder if its sombody that ive already been comps with haha wouldnt that be funny hahaha! 

(1hour later)
i have montana Ludlow as my next COMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! she just called!!!! AHHH!!!! she was like i know your sister!!! i was like what!!! haaa how crazy is that!!!! haha i just thought i tell you!! hahah 
(Montana is from Queen Creek, Arizona near our house and she was a friend of Sydney's in school at Ben Franklin!)

love you lots!

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