Monday, May 30, 2016

Yay....i left in the area!!! haha

So we left alittle bit this week!! well in reality alot of things happned!.... so we went to the hosptial for my comp and while we were there the doctor didnt listen to us. So we called hermana Wilson and she came over and was like ok! so her and president came and were like lets talk to him so they did and it was awesome! After 5 hours in the hosptial, we got it done with the medications haha!

Also this sunday was awesome! One of our investigators that we havent visited in months came to CHURCH! i was like no way! My comp doesnt know her so she was like what! i was like oh my gosh what a miracle! so we are going to put her with fecha tonight and she wants to be baptised! Turns out that the ward wanted to get her baptized casue we told them that she was intersted but since we couldnbt go out they did this on their own and have been talking to her and now she wants to be baptized! so to say that im just a little excited is an understatement! haha

Also i had AMERICAN CANDY AND SYRUP!!! i was SOOOOOO excited!!! one of the supermercados sells american food!! in Asuncion of course and is carisimo bit OH MY GOSH!!!! haha ill send a pic.. the candy is gone and it wsa soooo good!

ALso we went to a wedding and a baptism for 3 bocas! it was soo cool! ill send pics they are only 18 and 19 years old.... but ya! the bride looked soo pretty! haha

Anyways that was my week! 

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon
i made pancakes and we tped the hermana liders room muahaha
To Mom:

I walked on my foot a little! im only walking on my tippy toes but ya! its pretty cool! hahaha nah... its ok want a pic.... its kinda gross ask dad for it if you ant to see but dont worry.... i hear that its gonna be ok hha also i have a doc appointment on thursday so well see how that goe! 

Oh ya its memorials day... wierd... you guys are in summer.... im still freaking out about thhat hahha! 
oh and next week.... i hit the middle of my mission.... is that wierd or what! I feel like im gonna be ok after this and that im gonna acomplish what i was sent here to do. hhaha por fin! hahaa nah.... im excited... my compñ keeps telling me that im like a mom.... thats the first in my life ive been told that! im definately changing.... i can see it... its wierd... i act a little more mature and like i feel older haha well im still my self... dont get me wrong but ya! its super wierd... haha hermana ludlow is like saying that she thinks ill be an hermana lider or train in august and i laughed and said i dont want to hahaha but ya....

Hey i heard a rumor that hermanas cn wear pants now! what the heck! i dont believe it, but tell me if its true... hhaha 

Anyways love you lots!!! 


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