Monday, May 16, 2016

A new comp!!!

So this week I got a new comp and you know what! she's Sydney's friend from middle school! and you know what's super freaky... so we were talking and she knows like all my friends who went to Higley High!!!! It was so wierd... last night we were talking and I was like oh ya I had this friend who went on a mission and she was like where and I said and then Iwas  like well this is their name and she was like no way I was scripture buddies with them in seminary and like do you know their friend... I was like no way I grew up with them!! how freaky is that! haha Her name is Hermana Ludlow and she's from Gilbert.... its super wierd.... haha she just finished her training and is now with me! haha 

So this week I was in house cause like I had to go to the doctors and they had to burn something off my foot so now I can't walk for 2 weeks to a month. soI'm  praying that everything will work out fine haha! 

But ya so that was my week! I sent pictures!!! haha my new comp and we were on the roof because it was like super foggy and really cold haha 

Love you guys have a good week!!! 

Hermana Breon
Me and Hermana Ludlow!! My new comp!
Me and my comp with the Hermana Liders that we live with. We're on the rooftop above our place. 

To Mom: 
Now about me, so i got it (the wart) burned off thursday and at first she didnt give me any like pain killer at all and it HURT!!! so i was like ummmmmm can i get anesthesia. she was like fine.... so then it was good and i didnt feel anything! so ya its now a huge blood blister and hurts haha but its ok.. hahah so thats what happend. Im cool though haha
Anyways! this week was a good one hahah!
I'm glad dad is ok haha! but that sounds like classic dad!

 so heres the list of things I need...

Green face mask
Neutrogena face wash...cualquier
Piano guys cds
EFY cds
foundation.. kelly sent me chelle before my mission but i need one tone darker
cover up... cover girl the liqyid tube with the silver cap thingy light or fair but probably light
cool stuff you find i ike surprises
hair oil thing that you send me....AMAZING and now im out.. its garnier frutice and its the moraccan oil sirum
Really thats the needs.... i dont know about anything else but when i get this it'll be at my 11 month mark.... WHAT!!! its so wierd to think about hhaha

Love you lots!

Me and Hermana Salgado at the Temple!

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