Tuesday, October 4, 2016

miracles week

So this week was pretty awesome actually! We started to teach this old couple who are super kind and sweet! their names are Pedro and Cecilia! They are like in their 70s and i just love them so much! After our frst meeting with them he was already reading the Book of Mormon and loving it! It was super awesome to see!He's  like its just like the Bible! It has similar teachings and everything! I feel alot better when i read the BoM them I do when I read the Bible! So I invited him to be baptized but he was like, "I was already baptized"... so we need to go over the authority thing again but ya!!!!! I'm so excited to see them progress! 
Then we have another investigator named Lourdes. So Lourdes was a refernce from a member here! She is awesome! We have taught her like 3 times and SHE CAME TO CONFERENCE!!!! She said that she liked it so ya!! She has a baptism date for the 22 of this month!! So we're gonna try to get her prepared by then! Anyways!!! it was a super good week for us and we were literally exhausted like everyday so that means we are working hard! 

We also found an anti Mormon this week too! haha I was like trying to bite my tongue while he was talking to one of these contacts that we were talking to. It was funny how while he was spitting out all of these bible scriptures that were supposed to put doubt in the mind of these contacts that we were making, i just kept thinking... by their fruits ye shall know them... and contention is of the devil... and that stuff... my comp was looking at me like don't say anything... and the holy ghost was like no.... so I didn't, and after he kept looking at me like are you gonna say anything I just ruined it for you.... but after he left,  the contact was like he's crazy.... we think that you guys have a spirit about you that is different and that we like bettter.... HA! hahaa anyways it was cool to see....


Love you gys lots!!!
Hermana Breon

To mom:
I've realized after conference that I am doing good and that God is happy with what I am doing. I'm not perfeect, but neither is anybody else,  even them! so I'm ok now.... haha 

But ya... I had this feeling that nana would go this week. I'll tell president today. its ok for telling me about it on the email. if you want I can ask to call you guys tonight. at this point it hasn't sunk in yet. but I know it will soon. 

Conference was really good! I loved it actually! it was really wierd to see the USA.... I was like whoa.... that's like my culture! haha! I think I'm gonna have a hard time adjusting to being in America again after the mish haha! I was like oh ya.... haha

Anyways llove you lots and i know that you can do this!

Love you lots!


Picture of one of our investigators...

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