Monday, October 10, 2016

this week..

So this week was pretty cool. Our investigators are progressing nicely and we are getting ready for the baptisms of 3 people in our ward! 2 are from the elders and 1 from us! it was pretty cool to see her changing! Shes learning alot from the Book of mormon!

We found a ton of people and have a ton of appointments this week! Its been a really good week!

Anyways! i love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 

(The week following the news of Nana's passing...)
So ya i did call president and he was like ok... how do you feel? do you want to call home? and i was like idon't  know... cause i didnt know if it would make it worse or better for me because at that time i really didnt cry at all and i was just in shock. I said that and he was like ok.... how do you really feel and i was like i really dont know... haha i was like numb... and he was like ok if you want my advice i say not to call.... i think that it would make it worse and if you are fine right now just go to work and just focus completly in it and the Lord will help you. You know where they are and you know the plan of salvation. I was like ok.... i know. so i decided not to call. i wasn't crying cause i knew that everything would be ok.

anyways thanks for sending the pics haha! take a pic of the beach for me!! haha! and the whole family! i want to see everybody! haha!

Anyways we worked super hard this week and we found this girl who was almost baptized 1 year before! So we are gonna start to teach her again! 

also i got super sunburned haha its getting super hot here! 
Anyways don't worry about me and i love you guys lots!!


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