Tuesday, October 25, 2016

ok todal esta bien

So sorry about not writing this monday! I had to go somewhere and we were there all day so im writing now! haha! But anyways this week was pretty awesome! We had a baptism!!!!! Lourdes got baptized and it was pretty awesoem! So the day before we had to be in the offices for verificationes  for my comp and me and we were there for like 8 hours! Then when came back taught a lesson to pedro and cecilia and then we were at home stufying and didnt have time to go and teach lourdes her lest lesson before baptism! So we called the elders and they said that they would go and teach her. Well they got late and she was GONE! so i was like freaking out and we like called her a million times and she diddnt answer. so we were praying that she wouldnt fall into teptation the night before her baptism! thankfully the next day we passed for her house and she was there! And she got baptized!!!! It was awesome! 

anyways!! That was the week! 

Love you guys lots!!

Hermana Breon

oh and guess what! We are wearing pants and its sooo wierd... ill send a pic next week

To Mom;  

So yesterday.... sunday my comp was not feeling ok. So we were walking arounf and i felt her head and she was like super hot. So when we got home for stufying.. she was like im gonna lay down.... she had a 101 degree temp for like the whole night! It seemed like she had dengue. So yesterday we went to the hospital and ya... they think that her intstines are just inflamed and so ya we were there from 12 to 7 last night and so it was too late to go to email. So that is why i didnt email yesterday. haha i was braindead haha and today she needs to be resting and she still looks prety bad. I still think she has dengue, but they didnt test her for that. we are going back on Thursday and we will see how it goes. so ya. 
This week was fine. it was a stressful week and i was just kinda freaking out a little. But then we saw the hermana lideres in the hospital yesterday and they were like you are totally good!  I'm freaking out that i only have 2 more cambios after this one right now.... thats like i have 4 months left of my mission! And i look back and feel like i havent accomplished much... so ive been praying alot to know why i have been here and what is my purpose haha but im sure ill find out! haha!
Anyways don't worry about me... this time it isnt me! haha i called hermana wilson for my comp and i was like  HEY! its not me this time and she like laughed haah! it was really funny at verificationes on friday hermana wilson was talking about hospital visits and she was like right hermana breon? haha i like laughed haha nobody knew what she was saying haha...

ANYWAYS!!! i love you lotS!!!


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