Tuesday, October 18, 2016


So this week was pretty normal! it was super fun to find more people and teach them again. So this week we found a lady that i had contacted before(i dont remember) and she was like you gave me a plan of salvation pamphelt and i love it every time i read it i feel alot better about everything. We had contacted her at another house and this week we found her actual house!  so that was awesome! anywyas we did a little lesson and then prayed and set up an appointment to come back the next week. So that was awesome! 

Anyways this week we are gonna have a baptism! We are super excited and we are doing good! 

Anyways that was the week! 
Also we live above a vertrinario. And so one night we hear this sniffing under our door. We were like what is that? so we look out the window and there are 2 dogs there like sniffing and trying to get in our house. So what do we do.... we open it and we are like leave! and they start barking at us... like they own the place.... so we scared them off... we thought... and then the next thing we know they are back and barking at our door. So we open the door again and my comp squirts water at them adn they ran away.... but then looked at us like well be back... and we were like come at us bro! haha we llike laughed for like and hour after that... haha 

Love you lots!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:

The elders were like hermana you are a good missionary! Keep doing what you are doing and everything will be ok. I was like ok.... but now I'm ok.

It was nice to talk to you guys too! i felt good afterward and am excited to speak in spanish to robert and maybe angel haha i was like so proud hahaa! 
I'm jealous of the beach haha! but oh well... is it cold there? 

And me and my comp talked about you and her mom and you guys are like basically twins. haha its actually pretty crazy haha!

Anyways love you lots!!!


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